HTML Tidy  5.8.0
The HTACG Tidy HTML Project
Provide the -xml-options-strings Service

Detailed Description


static void printXMLOptionString (TidyDoc tdoc, TidyOption topt, OptionDesc *d)
 Handles printing of option description for -xml-options-strings service. More...
static void xml_options_strings (TidyDoc tdoc)
 Handles the -xml-options-strings service. More...

Function Documentation

◆ printXMLOptionString()

static void printXMLOptionString ( TidyDoc  tdoc,
TidyOption  topt,
OptionDesc d 

Handles printing of option description for -xml-options-strings service.

tdocThe Tidy document.
toptThe option.
dThe OptionDesc array.

◆ xml_options_strings()

static void xml_options_strings ( TidyDoc  tdoc)

Handles the -xml-options-strings service.

This service is primarily helpful to developers and localizers to test that option description strings as represented on screen output are correct and do not break tidy.

tdocThe Tidy document.