HTML Tidy  5.4.0
The HTACG Tidy HTML Project
Opaque Types

Cast to implementation types within lib. More...

Data Structures

struct  TidyAttr
 Opaque attribute datatype. More...
struct  TidyDoc
 Opaque document datatype. More...
struct  TidyNode
 Opaque node datatype. More...
struct  TidyOption
 Opaque option datatype. More...


 opaque_type (TidyDoc)
 opaque_type (TidyOption)
 opaque_type (TidyNode)
 opaque_type (TidyAttr)

Detailed Description

Cast to implementation types within lib.

Reduces inter-dependencies/conflicts w/ application code.

Data Structure Documentation

struct TidyAttr

Opaque attribute datatype.

struct TidyDoc

Opaque document datatype.

struct TidyNode

Opaque node datatype.

struct TidyOption

Opaque option datatype.

Function Documentation

opaque_type ( TidyDoc  )
opaque_type ( TidyOption  )
opaque_type ( TidyNode  )
opaque_type ( TidyAttr  )