HTML Tidy  5.2.0
The HTACG Tidy HTML Project
Document Save Functions

Save currently parsed document to the given output sink. More...


int TIDY_CALL tidySaveBuffer (TidyDoc tdoc, TidyBuffer *buf)
 Save to given TidyBuffer object. More...
int TIDY_CALL tidySaveFile (TidyDoc tdoc, ctmbstr filename)
 Save to named file. More...
int TIDY_CALL tidySaveSink (TidyDoc tdoc, TidyOutputSink *sink)
 Save to given generic output sink. More...
int TIDY_CALL tidySaveStdout (TidyDoc tdoc)
 Save to standard output (FILE*) More...
int TIDY_CALL tidySaveString (TidyDoc tdoc, tmbstr buffer, uint *buflen)
 Save document to application buffer. More...

Detailed Description

Save currently parsed document to the given output sink.

File name and string/buffer functions provided for convenience.

Function Documentation

int TIDY_CALL tidySaveBuffer ( TidyDoc  tdoc,
TidyBuffer buf 

Save to given TidyBuffer object.

int TIDY_CALL tidySaveFile ( TidyDoc  tdoc,
ctmbstr  filename 

Save to named file.

int TIDY_CALL tidySaveSink ( TidyDoc  tdoc,
TidyOutputSink sink 

Save to given generic output sink.

int TIDY_CALL tidySaveStdout ( TidyDoc  tdoc)

Save to standard output (FILE*)

int TIDY_CALL tidySaveString ( TidyDoc  tdoc,
tmbstr  buffer,
uint *  buflen 

Save document to application buffer.

If TidyShowMarkup and the document has no errors, or TidyForceOutput, the current document, per the current configuration, will be Pretty Printed to the application buffer. The document byte length, not character length, will be placed in *buflen. The document will not be null terminated. If the buffer is not big enough, ENOMEM will be returned, else the actual document status.