HTML Tidy  5.1.25
The HTACG Tidy HTML Project
Here is a list of all modules:
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 Attribute InterrogationGet information about any given attribute
 Deprecated attribute interrogation per AttrId
 Attribute RetrievalLookup an attribute from a given node
 Deprecated attribute retrieval per AttrId
 Basic OperationsTidy public interface
 Configuration OptionsFunctions for getting and setting Tidy configuration options
 Diagnostics and Repair
 Document ParseParse markup from a given input source
 Document Save FunctionsSave currently parsed document to the given output sink
 Document TreeA parsed and, optionally, repaired document is represented by Tidy as a Tree, much like a W3C DOM
 I/O and MessagesBy default, Tidy will define, create and use instances of input and output handlers for standard C buffered I/O (i.e
 Memory AllocationTidy uses a user provided allocator for all memory allocations
 Node InterrogationGet information about any givent node
 Deprecated node interrogation per TagId
 Opaque TypesCast to implementation types within lib