HTML Tidy  5.1.25
The HTACG Tidy HTML Project
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The repository and this documentation should be considered canonical for HTML Tidy as of 2015-January-15. See History

Tidy corrects and cleans up HTML content by fixing markup errors such as mismatched, misnested and missing tags, missing end "/" tags, missing quotations et all, eg:

1 <h1><hr>heading</h1>
2 <h2>sub<hr>heading</h2>
3 <a href="#refs">References<a>

is converted to

1 <hr>
2 <h1>heading</h1>
3 <h2>sub</h2>
4 <hr>
5 <h2>heading</h2>
6 <a href="#refs">References</a>

This project has two parts:

  • tidylib
    • a C static or dynamic library that developers can integrate into their applications in order to bring all of Tidy’s power to your favorite tools.
  • tidy command
    • a console application built on tidylib for Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, UNIX, and more.