HTML Tidy  5.7.0
The HTACG Tidy HTML Project
tags.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Recognize HTML Tags.

The HTML tags are stored as 8 bit ASCII strings. Use lookupw() to find a tag given a wide char string.

HTACG, et al (consult git log)
All Rights Reserved.
See tidy.h for the complete license.
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Data Structures

struct  Dict
 Defines a dictionary entry for a single Tidy tag, including all of the relevant information that it requires. More...
struct  DictHash
 This structure provide hash lookup for Tidy tags. More...
struct  TidyTagImpl
 This structure consists of the lists of all tags known to Tidy. More...


Parser Methods And Attribute Checker Functions for Tags

These functions define the parsers and attribute checking functions for each of Tidy's tags.

Parser TY_❪ParseHTML❫
Parser TY_❪ParseHead❫
Parser TY_❪ParseTitle❫
Parser TY_❪ParseScript❫
Parser TY_❪ParseFrameSet❫
Parser TY_❪ParseNoFrames❫
Parser TY_❪ParseBody❫
Parser TY_❪ParsePre❫
Parser TY_❪ParseList❫
Parser TY_❪ParseDefList❫
Parser TY_❪ParseBlock❫
Parser TY_❪ParseInline❫
Parser TY_❪ParseEmpty❫
Parser TY_❪ParseTableTag❫
Parser TY_❪ParseColGroup❫
Parser TY_❪ParseRowGroup❫
Parser TY_❪ParseRow❫
Parser TY_❪ParseSelect❫
Parser TY_❪ParseOptGroup❫
Parser TY_❪ParseText❫
Parser TY_❪ParseDatalist❫
Parser TY_❪ParseNamespace❫
CheckAttribs TY_❪CheckAttributes❫

Basic Structures and Tag Operations.

These structures form the backbone of Tidy tag processing, and the functions in this group provide basic operations with tags and nodes.

enum  UserTagType {
  tagtype_null = 0,
  tagtype_empty = 1,
  tagtype_inline = 2,
  tagtype_block = 4,
  tagtype_pre = 8
 This enumeration defines the types of user-defined tags that can be created. More...
enum  { ELEMENT_HASH_SIZE =178u }
 This enum indicates the maximum size of the has table for tag hash lookup. More...
typedef void( Parser) (TidyDocImpl *doc, Node *node, GetTokenMode mode)
 This typedef describes a function to be used to parse HTML of a Tidy tag. More...
typedef void( CheckAttribs) (TidyDocImpl *doc, Node *node)
 This typedef describes a function be be used to check the attributes of a Tidy tag. More...
void TY_❪DeclareUserTag❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, const TidyOptionImpl *opt, ctmbstr name)
 Coordinates Config update and Tags data. More...
const Dict * TY_❪LookupTagDef❫ (TidyTagId tid)
 Interface for finding a tag by TidyTagId. More...
Bool TY_❪FindTag❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, Node *node)
 Assigns the node's tag. More...
ParserTY_❪FindParser❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, Node *node)
 Finds the parser function for a given node. More...
void TY_❪DefineTag❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, UserTagType tagType, ctmbstr name)
 Defines a new user-defined tag. More...
void TY_❪FreeDeclaredTags❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, UserTagType tagType)
 Frees user-defined tags of the given type, or all user tags in given tagtype_null. More...
TidyIterator TY_❪GetDeclaredTagList❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc)
 Initiates an iterator for a list of user-declared tags, including autonomous custom tags detected in the document if TidyUseCustomTags is not set to no. More...
ctmbstr TY_❪GetNextDeclaredTag❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, UserTagType tagType, TidyIterator *iter)
 Given a valid TidyIterator initiated with TY_(GetDeclaredTagList)(), returns a string representing a user-declared or autonomous custom tag. More...
void TY_❪InitTags❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc)
 Initializes tags and tag structures for the given Tidy document. More...
void TY_❪FreeTags❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc)
 Frees the tags and structures used by Tidy for tags. More...
void TY_❪AdjustTags❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc)
 Tidy defaults to HTML5 mode. More...
void TY_❪ResetTags❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc)
 Reset the tags table back to default HTML5 mode. More...
Bool TY_❪IsHTML5Mode❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc)
 Indicates whether or not the Tidy is procesing in HTML5 mode. More...

Other Tag and Node Lookup Functions

These functions perform additional lookup on tags and nodes.

#define TagId(node)    ((node) && (node)->tag ? (node)->tag->id : TidyTag_UNKNOWN)
 Gets the TidyTagId of the given node. More...
#define TagIsId(node, tid)   ((node) && (node)->tag && (node)->tag->id == tid)
 Determines if the given node is of the given tag id type. More...
#define nodeIsHTML(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_HTML )
#define nodeIsHEAD(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_HEAD )
#define nodeIsTITLE(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_TITLE )
#define nodeIsBASE(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_BASE )
#define nodeIsMETA(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_META )
#define nodeIsBODY(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_BODY )
#define nodeIsFRAMESET(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_FRAMESET )
#define nodeIsFRAME(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_FRAME )
#define nodeIsIFRAME(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_IFRAME )
#define nodeIsNOFRAMES(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_NOFRAMES )
#define nodeIsHR(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_HR )
#define nodeIsH1(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_H1 )
#define nodeIsH2(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_H2 )
#define nodeIsPRE(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_PRE )
#define nodeIsLISTING(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_LISTING )
#define nodeIsP(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_P )
#define nodeIsUL(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_UL )
#define nodeIsOL(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_OL )
#define nodeIsDL(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_DL )
#define nodeIsDIR(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_DIR )
#define nodeIsLI(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_LI )
#define nodeIsDT(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_DT )
#define nodeIsDD(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_DD )
#define nodeIsTABLE(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_TABLE )
#define nodeIsCAPTION(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_CAPTION )
#define nodeIsTD(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_TD )
#define nodeIsTH(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_TH )
#define nodeIsTR(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_TR )
#define nodeIsCOL(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_COL )
#define nodeIsCOLGROUP(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_COLGROUP )
#define nodeIsBR(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_BR )
#define nodeIsA(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_A )
#define nodeIsLINK(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_LINK )
#define nodeIsB(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_B )
#define nodeIsI(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_I )
#define nodeIsSTRONG(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_STRONG )
#define nodeIsEM(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_EM )
#define nodeIsBIG(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_BIG )
#define nodeIsSMALL(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_SMALL )
#define nodeIsPARAM(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_PARAM )
#define nodeIsOPTION(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_OPTION )
#define nodeIsOPTGROUP(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_OPTGROUP )
#define nodeIsIMG(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_IMG )
#define nodeIsMAP(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_MAP )
#define nodeIsAREA(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_AREA )
#define nodeIsNOBR(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_NOBR )
#define nodeIsWBR(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_WBR )
#define nodeIsFONT(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_FONT )
#define nodeIsLAYER(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_LAYER )
#define nodeIsSPACER(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_SPACER )
#define nodeIsCENTER(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_CENTER )
#define nodeIsSTYLE(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_STYLE )
#define nodeIsSCRIPT(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_SCRIPT )
#define nodeIsNOSCRIPT(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_NOSCRIPT )
#define nodeIsFORM(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_FORM )
#define nodeIsTEXTAREA(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_TEXTAREA )
#define nodeIsBLOCKQUOTE(node)   TagIsId( node, TidyTag_BLOCKQUOTE )
#define nodeIsAPPLET(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_APPLET )
#define nodeIsOBJECT(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_OBJECT )
#define nodeIsDIV(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_DIV )
#define nodeIsSPAN(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_SPAN )
#define nodeIsINPUT(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_INPUT )
#define nodeIsQ(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_Q )
#define nodeIsLABEL(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_LABEL )
#define nodeIsH3(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_H3 )
#define nodeIsH4(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_H4 )
#define nodeIsH5(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_H5 )
#define nodeIsH6(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_H6 )
#define nodeIsADDRESS(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_ADDRESS )
#define nodeIsXMP(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_XMP )
#define nodeIsSELECT(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_SELECT )
#define nodeIsBLINK(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_BLINK )
#define nodeIsMARQUEE(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_MARQUEE )
#define nodeIsEMBED(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_EMBED )
#define nodeIsBASEFONT(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_BASEFONT )
#define nodeIsISINDEX(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_ISINDEX )
#define nodeIsS(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_S )
#define nodeIsSTRIKE(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_STRIKE )
#define nodeIsSUB(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_SUB )
#define nodeIsSUP(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_SUP )
#define nodeIsU(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_U )
#define nodeIsMENU(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_MENU )
#define nodeIsMAIN(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_MAIN )
#define nodeIsBUTTON(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_BUTTON )
#define nodeIsCANVAS(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_CANVAS )
#define nodeIsPROGRESS(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_PROGRESS )
#define nodeIsINS(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_INS )
#define nodeIsDEL(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_DEL )
#define nodeIsDATALIST(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_DATALIST )
#define nodeIsMATHML(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_MATHML ) /* #130 MathML attr and entity fix! */
#define nodeIsACRONYM(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_ACRONYM )
#define nodesIsFRAME(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_FRAME )
#define nodeIsTT(node)    TagIsId( node, TidyTag_TT )
Bool TY_❪nodeIsText❫ (Node *node)
 Inquires whether or not the given node is a text node. More...
Bool TY_❪nodeIsElement❫ (Node *node)
 Inquires whether or not the given node is an element node. More...
Bool TY_❪nodeHasText❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, Node *node)
 Inquires whether or not the given node has any text. More...
Bool TY_❪elementIsAutonomousCustomFormat❫ (ctmbstr element)
 Inquires whether the given element looks like it's an autonomous custom element tag. More...
Bool TY_❪nodeIsAutonomousCustomFormat❫ (Node *node)
 Inquires whether the given node looks like it's an autonomous custom element tag. More...
Bool TY_❪nodeIsAutonomousCustomTag❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, Node *node)
 True if the node looks like it's an autonomous custom element tag, and TidyCustomTags is not disabled, and we're in HTML5 mode, which are all requirements for valid autonomous custom tags. More...
Bool TY_❪nodeHasCM❫ (Node *node, uint contentModel)
 Does the node have the indicated content model? True if any of the bits requested are set. More...
Bool TY_❪nodeCMIsBlock❫ (Node *node)
 Does the content model of the node include block? More...
Bool TY_❪nodeCMIsInline❫ (Node *node)
 Does the content model of the node include inline? More...
Bool TY_❪nodeCMIsEmpty❫ (Node *node)
 Does the content model of the node include empty? More...
Bool TY_❪nodeIsHeader❫ (Node *node)
 Is the node a header, such as H1, H2, ..., H6? More...
uint TY_❪nodeHeaderLevel❫ (Node *node)
 Inquires as to the header level of the given node: 1, 2, ..., 6. More...