HTML Tidy  5.7.0
The HTACG Tidy HTML Project
pprint.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  TidyIndent
struct  TidyPrintImpl


#define ATTRIBVALUE   4u
#define CDATA   16u
#define COMMENT   2u
#define NORMAL   0u
#define NOWRAP   8u
#define PREFORMATTED   1u


void TY_❪FreePrintBuf❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc)
void TY_❪InitPrintBuf❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc)
void TY_❪PFlushLine❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, uint indent)
void TY_❪PPrintSpaces❫ (void)
void TY_❪PPrintTabs❫ (void)
void TY_❪PPrintTree❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, uint mode, uint indent, Node *node)
void TY_❪PPrintXMLTree❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, uint mode, uint indent, Node *node)
void TY_❪PrintBody❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc)

Data Structure Documentation

struct TidyIndent
Data Fields
int attrStringStart
int attrValStart
int spaces
struct TidyPrintImpl
Data Fields
TidyAllocator * allocator
TidyIndent indent[2]
uint ixInd
uint lbufsize
uint line
uint * linebuf
uint linelen
uint wraphere

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ATTRIBVALUE   4u
#define CDATA   16u
#define COMMENT   2u
#define NORMAL   0u
#define NOWRAP   8u
#define PREFORMATTED   1u

Function Documentation

void TY_❪FreePrintBuf❫ ( TidyDocImpl *  doc)
void TY_❪InitPrintBuf❫ ( TidyDocImpl *  doc)
void TY_❪PFlushLine❫ ( TidyDocImpl *  doc,
uint  indent 
void TY_❪PPrintSpaces❫ ( void  )
void TY_❪PPrintTabs❫ ( void  )
void TY_❪PPrintTree❫ ( TidyDocImpl *  doc,
uint  mode,
uint  indent,
Node *  node 
void TY_❪PPrintXMLTree❫ ( TidyDocImpl *  doc,
uint  mode,
uint  indent,
Node *  node 
void TY_❪PrintBody❫ ( TidyDocImpl *  doc)