HTML Tidy  5.6.0
The HTACG Tidy HTML Project
message.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  TidyMutedMessages
 Maintains a list of messages not to display. More...


#define BA_INVALID_LINK_NOFRAMES   64 /* WAI [] */
#define BA_USING_FRAMES   16
#define BA_USING_NOFRAMES   32
#define BA_WAI   (1 << 31)
#define BC_ENCODING_MISMATCH   16 /* fatal error */
#define BC_INVALID_NCR   64
#define BC_INVALID_URI   32
#define BC_INVALID_UTF16   8
#define BC_INVALID_UTF8   4
#define DISCARDED_CHAR   1
#define REPLACED_CHAR   0
#define USING_BODY   16
#define USING_FONT   8
#define USING_LAYER   2
#define USING_NOBR   4
#define USING_SPACER   1


void TY_❪DefineMutedMessage❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, const TidyOptionImpl *opt, ctmbstr name)
 Adds a new message ID to the list of muted messages. More...
void TY_❪FreeMutedMessageList❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc)
 Frees the list of muted messages. More...
TidyIterator TY_❪getErrorCodeList❫ (void)
 Initializes the TidyIterator to point to the first item in Tidy's list of error codes that can be return with TidyReportFilter3. More...
TidyIterator TY_❪getMutedMessageList❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc)
 Start an iterator for muted messages. More...
uint TY_❪getNextErrorCode❫ (TidyIterator *iter)
 Returns the next error code having initialized the iterator with getErrorCodeList(). More...
ctmbstr TY_❪getNextMutedMessage❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, TidyIterator *iter)
 Get the next priority attribute. More...
ctmbstr TY_❪ReleaseDate❫ (void)
 Returns the release date of this instance of HTML Tidy. More...
ctmbstr TY_❪tidyErrorCodeAsKey❫ (uint code)
 This function returns a string representing the enum value name that can be used as a lookup key independent of changing string values. More...
uint TY_❪tidyErrorCodeFromKey❫ (ctmbstr code)
 Given an error code string, return the integer value of it, or UINT_MAX as an error flag. More...
ctmbstr TY_❪tidyLibraryVersion❫ (void)
 Returns the release version of this instance of HTML Tidy. More...
General Report Writing

If one of the convenience reporting functions does not fit your required message signature, then this designated reporting function will fit the bill.

Be sure to see if a message formatter exists that can handle the variable arguments.

void TY_❪Report❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, Node *element, Node *node, uint code,...)
 The designated report writing function. More...
Convenience Reporting Functions

These convenience reporting functions are able to handle the bulk of Tidy's necessary reporting, and avoid the danger of using a variadic if you are unfamiliar with Tidy.

void TY_❪ReportAccessError❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, Node *node, uint code)
void TY_❪ReportAttrError❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, Node *node, AttVal *av, uint code)
void TY_❪ReportBadArgument❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, ctmbstr option)
void TY_❪ReportEntityError❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, uint code, ctmbstr entity, int c)
void TY_❪ReportFileError❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, ctmbstr file, uint code)
void TY_❪ReportEncodingError❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, uint code, uint c, Bool discarded)
void TY_❪ReportEncodingWarning❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, uint code, uint encoding)
void TY_❪ReportMissingAttr❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, Node *node, ctmbstr name)
void TY_❪ReportSurrogateError❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, uint code, uint c1, uint c2)
void TY_❪ReportUnknownOption❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, ctmbstr option)
General Dialogue Writing

These functions produce dialogue output such as individual messages, or several messages in summary form.

void TY_❪Dialogue❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc, uint code,...)
 Emits a single dialogue message, and is capable of accepting a variadic that is passed to the correct message formatter as needed. More...
Output Dialogue Information
void TY_❪ErrorSummary❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc)
 Outputs the footnotes and other dialogue information after document cleanup is complete. More...
void TY_❪ReportMarkupVersion❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc)
 Outputs document HTML version and version-related information as the final report(s) in the report table. More...
void TY_❪ReportNumWarnings❫ (TidyDocImpl *doc)
 Reports the number of warnings and errors found in the document as dialogue inforation. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define BA_INVALID_LINK_NOFRAMES   64 /* WAI [] */
#define BA_USING_FRAMES   16
#define BA_USING_NOFRAMES   32
#define BA_WAI   (1 << 31)
#define BC_ENCODING_MISMATCH   16 /* fatal error */
#define BC_INVALID_NCR   64
#define BC_INVALID_URI   32
#define BC_INVALID_UTF16   8
#define BC_INVALID_UTF8   4
#define DISCARDED_CHAR   1
#define REPLACED_CHAR   0
#define USING_BODY   16
#define USING_FONT   8
#define USING_LAYER   2
#define USING_NOBR   4
#define USING_SPACER   1