HTML Tidy  5.6.0
The HTACG Tidy HTML Project
charsets.h File Reference

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uint TY_❪GetEncodingCodePageFromId❫ (uint id)
uint TY_❪GetEncodingCodePageFromName❫ (ctmbstr name)
uint TY_❪GetEncodingIdFromCodePage❫ (uint cp)
uint TY_❪GetEncodingIdFromName❫ (ctmbstr name)
ctmbstr TY_❪GetEncodingNameFromCodePage❫ (uint cp)
ctmbstr TY_❪GetEncodingNameFromId❫ (uint id)

Function Documentation

uint TY_❪GetEncodingCodePageFromId❫ ( uint  id)
uint TY_❪GetEncodingCodePageFromName❫ ( ctmbstr  name)
uint TY_❪GetEncodingIdFromCodePage❫ ( uint  cp)
uint TY_❪GetEncodingIdFromName❫ ( ctmbstr  name)
ctmbstr TY_❪GetEncodingNameFromCodePage❫ ( uint  cp)
ctmbstr TY_❪GetEncodingNameFromId❫ ( uint  id)