HTML Tidy  4.9.32
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buffio.h File Reference


#include "platform.h"
#include "tidy.h"

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Data Structures

struct  _TidyBuffer
 TidyBuffer - A chunk of memory. More...


void TIDY_CALL tidyBufAlloc (TidyBuffer *buf, uint allocSize)
 Free current buffer, allocate given amount, reset input pointer, use the default allocator. More...
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufAllocWithAllocator (TidyBuffer *buf, TidyAllocator *allocator, uint allocSize)
 Free current buffer, allocate given amount, reset input pointer, use the given custom allocator. More...
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufAppend (TidyBuffer *buf, void *vp, uint size)
 Append bytes to buffer. More...
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufAttach (TidyBuffer *buf, byte *bp, uint size)
 Attach to existing buffer. More...
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufCheckAlloc (TidyBuffer *buf, uint allocSize, uint chunkSize)
 Expand buffer to given size. More...
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufClear (TidyBuffer *buf)
 Set buffer bytes to 0. More...
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufDetach (TidyBuffer *buf)
 Detach from buffer. More...
Bool TIDY_CALL tidyBufEndOfInput (TidyBuffer *buf)
 At end of buffer? More...
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufFree (TidyBuffer *buf)
 Free current contents and zero out. More...
int TIDY_CALL tidyBufGetByte (TidyBuffer *buf)
 Get byte from front of buffer. More...
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufInit (TidyBuffer *buf)
 Initialize data structure using the default allocator. More...
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufInitWithAllocator (TidyBuffer *buf, TidyAllocator *allocator)
 Initialize data structure using the given custom allocator. More...
int TIDY_CALL tidyBufPopByte (TidyBuffer *buf)
 Get byte from end of buffer. More...
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufPutByte (TidyBuffer *buf, byte bv)
 Append one byte to buffer. More...
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufUngetByte (TidyBuffer *buf, byte bv)
 Put a byte back into the buffer. More...
void TIDY_CALL tidyInitInputBuffer (TidyInputSource *inp, TidyBuffer *buf)
 Initialize a buffer input source. More...
void TIDY_CALL tidyInitOutputBuffer (TidyOutputSink *outp, TidyBuffer *buf)
 Initialize a buffer output sink. More...

Detailed Description

(c) 1998-2007 (W3C) MIT, ERCIM, Keio University See tidy.h for the copyright notice.

Requires buffer to automatically grow as bytes are added. Must keep track of current read and write points.

Definition in file buffio.h.

Data Structure Documentation

struct _TidyBuffer

Definition at line 23 of file buffio.h.

Data Fields
uint allocated

bytes allocated

TidyAllocator * allocator Memory allocator.
byte * bp Pointer to bytes.
uint next Offset of current input position.
uint size

bytes currently in use

Function Documentation

void TIDY_CALL tidyBufAlloc ( TidyBuffer buf,
uint  allocSize 
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufAllocWithAllocator ( TidyBuffer buf,
TidyAllocator allocator,
uint  allocSize 
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufAppend ( TidyBuffer buf,
void *  vp,
uint  size 

Expand if necessary.

void TIDY_CALL tidyBufAttach ( TidyBuffer buf,
byte *  bp,
uint  size 
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufCheckAlloc ( TidyBuffer buf,
uint  allocSize,
uint  chunkSize 

Chunk size is minimum growth. Pass 0 for default of 256 bytes.

void TIDY_CALL tidyBufClear ( TidyBuffer buf)
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufDetach ( TidyBuffer buf)

Caller must free.

Bool TIDY_CALL tidyBufEndOfInput ( TidyBuffer buf)
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufFree ( TidyBuffer buf)
int TIDY_CALL tidyBufGetByte ( TidyBuffer buf)

Increment input offset.

void TIDY_CALL tidyBufInit ( TidyBuffer buf)
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufInitWithAllocator ( TidyBuffer buf,
TidyAllocator allocator 
int TIDY_CALL tidyBufPopByte ( TidyBuffer buf)
void TIDY_CALL tidyBufPutByte ( TidyBuffer buf,
byte  bv 

Expand if necessary.

void TIDY_CALL tidyBufUngetByte ( TidyBuffer buf,
byte  bv 

Decrement input offset.

void TIDY_CALL tidyInitInputBuffer ( TidyInputSource inp,
TidyBuffer buf 
void TIDY_CALL tidyInitOutputBuffer ( TidyOutputSink outp,
TidyBuffer buf