HTML Tidy  5.9.15
The HTACG Tidy HTML Project
Here is a list of all modules:
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 External Public APIThe Public API is the API that LibTidy programmers must access in order to harness HTML Tidy as a library
 Basic OperationsFor an excellent example of how to invoke LibTidy, please consult console/tidy.c:main() for in-depth implementation details
 Configuration OptionsFunctions for getting and setting Tidy configuration options
 Diagnostics and RepairAfter parsing the document, you can use these functions to attempt cleanup, repair, get additional diagnostics, and determine the document type
 Document ParseFunctions for parsing markup from a given input source, as well as string and filename functions for added convenience
 Document Save FunctionsSave currently parsed document to the given output sink
 Document TreeA parsed (and optionally repaired) document is represented by Tidy as a tree, much like a W3C DOM
 I/O and MessagesTidy provides flexible I/O
 Localization SupportThese functions help manage localization in Tidy
 Memory AllocationTidy can use a user-provided allocator for all memory allocations
 Message Key ManagementThese functions serve to manage message codes, i.e., codes that are used Tidy and communicated via its callback filters to represent reports and dialogue that Tidy emits
 Opaque TypesInstances of these types are returned by LibTidy API functions, however they are opaque; you cannot see into them, and must use accessor functions to access the contents
 Public EnumerationsSeparated public enumerations header providing important indentifiers for LibTidy and internal users, as well as code-generator macros used to generate many of them.
 Internal APIThe Internal API is used exclusively within LibTidy
 Configuration OptionsThis module organizes all of Tidy's configuration options, including picklist management, option setting and retrieval, option file utilities, and so on
 HTML TagsThis module organizes all of Tidy's HTML tag operations, such as parsing tags, defining tags, and user-defined tags
 HTML and XML LexingThese functions and structures form the internal API for document lexing
 HTML and XML ParsingThese functions and structures form the internal API for document parsing
 HTML and XML Pretty PrintingThese functions and structures form the internal API for document printing
 Key DiscoveryLibTidy users may want to use TidyReportCallback to enable their own localization lookup features
 Message Creation and Releasing
 Message MutingMessage types included in the mute option will be be printed in messageOut()
 Report Arguments Interrogation API
 Report and Dialogue API
 Report and Dialogue Writing FunctionsThese simple functions perform the vast majority of Tidy's output, and one these should be your first choice when adding your own output
 Tidy Release InformationThese functions return information about the current release version date and version number
 Tidy Strings Generation MacrosTidy aims to provide a consistent API for library users, and so we go to some lengths to provide a tidyStrings enum that consists of the message code for every string that Tidy can emit (used internally), and the array tidyStringsKeys[] containing string representations of each message code
 Tidy Console ApplicationHTML TidyLib command line driver.
 CLI Options UtilitiesThese structures, arrays, declarations, and definitions are used throughout this console application
 Configuration Options UtilitiesProvide utilities to manipulate configuration options for output
 Experimental StuffFrom time to time the developers might leave stuff here that you can use to experiment on their own, or that they're using to experiment with
 MainLet's do something here!
 Miscellaneous UtilitiesThis group contains general utilities used in the console application
 Output Helping FunctionsThis group functions that aid the formatting of output
 Provide the -export-config Services
 Provide the -help Service
 Provide the -help-config Service
 Provide the -help-env Service
 Provide the -help-option Service
 Provide the -lang help Service
 Provide the -show-config Service
 Provide the -version Service
 Provide the -xml-config Service
 Provide the -xml-error-strings Service
 Provide the -xml-help Service
 Provide the -xml-options-strings Service
 Provide the -xml-strings Service