HTML Tidy  5.2.0
The HTACG Tidy HTML Project

Once upon a time....

HTML Tidy was created by the W3C’s own Dave Raggett back in the dawn of the Internet age. His original Internet page is still available and gives a sense of the early history: Clean up your Web pages with HTML TIDY.

Satisfied with his work Dave passed the torch to a dedicated group of maintainers at where the important tasks of turning Tidy into a C library and keeping up with developing standards was performed.

W3C members took a renewed interest in Tidy in 2011 and forked the project to github (now redirects to this project), where it featured compatibility with HTML5 via a key contribution from one of the SourceForge key members.

In 2015 a group of concerned developers, users, and software integrators formed HTACG with the goal of revitalizing Tidy, which had fallen into a non-maintained state. As a W3C Community Group, HTACG was deemed worthy by the W3C, and W3C passed ownership of their project to HTACG, where it is currently being developed and prepped for a new, stable, and modern release.

HTACG is also working diligently with the SourceForge maintainers in an effort to harmonize HTML Tidy into a single, stable, solid release once again.

  | |                                                     
   |             |                                                                    
   |             |    +----------------------+                                        
   |             +--> |  |                                        
   |                  +------------------+---+                                        
   |                                     |                                            
   |       +--------------------+------+ | Soon                                       
   +-->    ||html5 | |                                            
           +-+------------------+------+ |                                            
             |                           |                                            
             |                           |    +-------------------------------+       
             |                           +->  | You are here:                 |       
             |                                |   |       
             +----------------------------->  +----------------------+--------+