HTML Tidy  5.2.0
The HTACG Tidy HTML Project
Build Documentation

In addition to hosting the website, this repository also includes our tool for generating the appropriate quickref.html file and the Doxygen project for generating the full API reference. These can be used independently of this website.



This repository requires a tidy-html5 source repository from which to gather information. In order for the build tool will work, you will have to ensure that it is referencing a correct version of the repository.

The tidy-html5 directory must be install in parallel (at the same directory level) is this repository.


Our build tools require `xsltproc` to transform Tidy's XML output into something that can be used in our documentation. Please ensure it is in your $PATH.


Our build tools require `doxygen` to generate the API Reference website from Tidy's headers. Please ensure it is in your $PATH.


Our build tool requires HTML Tidy, of course. When you use you can specify a complete path to the Tidy that you wish to use. If you don't specify a path, then the tool will automatically try to check the required tidy-html5/build/cmake directory (the default CMake build directory).


From the tidy-html5-doxygen/ directory, simply execute:

./ <tidypath>

The <tidypath> is optional as described in the prerequisites.

Output will be put into tidy-html5-doxygen/output/.

Update the Website

If you want to update the website with the new documentation, that will have to be performed manually. This is not automated in the build process because we don't want to accidentally overwrite our existing files.

Places the files

First move or copy output/quickref_x.x.x.html and output/tidylib_api_x.x.x/ into this repository's root-level tidy/ directory.

Update the data source

The website will be updated automatically from versions that are present in _data/api_versions.yml. Simply update this file with a new version.

Versions will be displayed on the page in the same order as they are in this file, so it is suggested that you maintain the newest versions on top.

Also keep in mind that links are generated automatically from the version number. Please keep them simple instead of being creative and fancy!